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At ACTIVZ, we recognize our people as our most valuable asset. In fact, when you join ACTIVZ, you’re a part of our family!

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At the center of who we are, we deeply believe in supporting our family, and rewarding our people for sharing their ACTIVZ Story with their friends and family. We have developed an income distribution program to reward those who share their experiences and create sales through their referrals. This allows people to earn commissions on sales, and allows them to participate in worldwide income distribution from the omnichannel efforts of ACTIVZ.
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Activate Your Business

Starting your ACTIVZ Income is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1: Use ACTIVZ, Share ACTIVZ

Every day, use ACTIVZ products and find at least three opportunities to share your experiences with ACTIVZ and our product through conversations, social media and other methods. Get creative!

Step 2: Teach ACTIVZ

Sharing the product with those around you generates interest in ACTIVZ, our products and opportunties. Each enrollment will result in compensation paid directly to you. Additionally, you can earn commissions on every subsequent order from each referral (and their referrals) you bring into ACTIVZ. Start by bringing three new individuals into your business.

Step 3: Push the M3 System

The M3 System is proven to help you maximize your efforts and your income potential with ACTIVZ. Follwing this guide will provide the following benefits:

  1. Maximized profit potential
  2. Adequate organizational structure
  3. Duplicable system
Click here to explore the details of the M3 System

Jumpstart your business and Join the 500 Club!

Get ahead in your first 90 days with this excluzive reward program!

Rewards and Bonuses

Fast Start Bonus

Earn 20% on new sales - paid weekly Get 20% of all product sales and enrollment pack purchases from any new Distributor, Preferred Customer or Retail Customer you personally enroll within your first calendar month. Earn up to 8% on any Distributor or Preferred Customer not personally enrolled by you within your first calendar month down four additional levels.

Royalty Bonus

Monthly bonus on Distributors’ and Preferred Customers’ organizational volume down 8 levels and 5 levels respectively. The Royalty Bonus is your ability to earn commissions based on the total sales volume of your sales organization, down 8 levels for Distributors and 5 levels for Preferred Customers.
  1. Commissions are paid based on your qualified rank for the month.
  2. Commissions are dynamically compressed, based on your downline’s qualifications, which allows you to potentially earn commissions beyond your immediate 8 levels.
  3. You will receive 20% on your first level of Preferred Customers and the same percentages as listed above for levels 2 thru 5.

Rank Advancement Bonuses

One-time payments paid upon reaching specific ranks - paid monthly. Goals are important in this business. Achievable goals are even more important. The Rank Advancement Bonuses are in place to give you stepping stones and rewards along the path of ACTIVATING your business to new ranks. You will receive the following Rank Advancement Bonuses:

ACTIVZ Revenue Sharing Program

ACTIVZ offers 3 bonuses that share in global revenue.

8% Total Global Commissionable Sales

ACTIVZ Global Bonus Pool

The Global Bonus Pool divides 8% of total global commissionable sales equally into 10 parts. You can begin sharing in global revenue as early as Leader A6.

Legacy Bonus - paid monthly

Rewards a share in 1% of global commissionable sales to any distributor who in their first 12 months achieves and maintains a minimum of Legacy A11 or above for two consecutive months.*

Legend Bonus

Rewards a share in 1% of global commissionable sales to any distributor who achieves and maintains the rank of Legend A16.*
Now that you are comfortable with the way ACTIVZ rewards people for sharing, you can go a little deeper into our Income and Compensation Distribution Plan by exploring the following documents

Summary of the ACTIVZ Compensation Plan
ACTIVZ Compensation Plan