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ACTIVZ Star Program

The ACTIVZ Team is proud to present our brand-new STAR Rewards Program!


The STAR Rewards Program is an incentive program offered to distributors who maintain their current rank at or beyond A4 from month to month. Distributors who qualify for this program will receive a special gift from ACTIVZ as a thank you for their hard work. Such distributors will also be recognized on each of our rank advancement videos with a star following their displayed names. Launching in January 2021, those distributors that maintain their rank (A4 and later, or A4+) for two consecutive months will receive a one-time reward of ONE of the following items. This recognition comes to those distributors who maintain their ranks from month to month. We’ll show off your work on our rank advancement videos with a star that follows your name! As part of the STAR Program, we also want to show our recognition to you personally: when you qualify, we’ll send you a special gift in honor of your hard work!


  • A4/A5
  • A6 through A12
  • A13 through A16


  • ACTIVZ Hat, Selfie Stick
  • T-Shirt, Padfolio, Professional Polo Shirt, Athletic Pullover, Watch, Laptop Bag, Travel Bag
  • to be announced!
Those that maintain a rank of A10+ will receive a second gift from the same or lower rank upon qualifying for the STAR Rewards Program twice in a row (three consecutive months maintaining your rank A10+).